APPS Customizations

We have designed bur apps with pre-designed process flows, keeping the industry standards and best practices in mind. However don't worry, all the apps are customizable and can be bended based on your business practices. Even if you have a process that is very specific to your business and cannot be achieved using our App, we can enhance it. Just tell us your idea, and we can make it.

InBuilt BI

All our apps come with a pre-built Business intelligence. You can choose your reporting columns, use regular expressions to alter calculations, Plot graphs, perform permutations and combinations and many more. Most features that you use in Excel can be done using the BI of our apps. We also maintain OLAP tables, and a data warehouse to enable that.

Style it up

You dont like the way it looks, never mind. We can alter it it fit your BLAF. In case you want the app use your website themes / your business colors, Or if you want your menus designed in a particular way, we can enhance the look and feel based on your expectations.

Our Hardware, Your way!!

We have three different server plans for you. You can pick a standard multi-tenancy server, or a premium single-tenancy server, or may be an Executive quad-core single-tenancy server. All our server designs with embedded centralized security maintained across them; with minimum of 3 cores with RAID backup system.