Go Mobile!!

Whether in the office, or around the world, BLUAPEX's Mobile apps are accessible on demand, ensuring that you have access to your data wherever an Internet connection is available - and for those moments without Internet connection, BLUAPEX's Mobile for iPhone and Android work offline, so that your data is never out of reach.

The Mobile Experience

BLUAPEX's native device clients, offline support, and robust high availability architecture ensure that your users will enjoy seamless natural user experiences at all times - online or off, under any use conditions, whenever they need.

On devices, Speed matters.

BLUAPEX's code-free, metadata-based multi-channel solution provides IT with a quick and cost-effectively way to meet the fast time-to-market requirements of business managers along with a flexible and future-proof solution that will allow them to adapt and take advantage of new technologies as they develop.

Safe, Secured, Backed up

Enterprises need to maintain data security regardless of where the data is located - on the device, in back-end (on premise or cloud). Security is also needed at the application, device, and user levels, along with control policies, enforcement and compliance. BLUAPEX's application and integration platforms feature enterprise-grade encryption, authentication and management capabilities.

Mobile in Enterprises

Mobile is a completely new beast for enterprises and many IT departments need support for various stages and phases from project definition, planning and development, to design, delivery, and implementation. Through its professional services department, BLUAPEX provides expertise for the entire mobile enterprise app lifecycle.