Software-as-a-Service on Cloud

With the application running on State-of-the-Art Cloud, and using the APP with Software-as-a-Service Model; you can save a lot of money by not having to buy Hardware and Software licenses.

When data makes sense!!

Transform IT from a cost center to a business asset by standardizing on a single, scalable BI platform that empowers business users to easily create their own reports with information relevant to them.

Your data, Your way!

Choose the view that looks right to you. With Charts, Sorting, Flashbacks and many more advanced features, imagination is the only limit to decide how you wish to arrange or see your data.

Go Mobile! Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device.

Whether in the office, or around the world, our Mobile apps are accessible on demand, ensuring that you have access to your data wherever an Internet connection is available; and for those moments without Internet connection, our apps for iPhone and Android work offline, so that your data is never out of reach.

Integrations ? piece-a-cake

Just pick an integration technology that works for you, and our APIs will do the rest.

You can plug-in a complex SOAP transaction using SoA; by simply using our custom Adapters.

Pick your own WebService, and use our WSDLs to fetch the required payloads

Do you want a browser based integration? Use our RESTful APIs.

Safe, Secured and Backed up

With technologies like Firewall, SSL and 256 key encryption the application network works as an impenetrable zone with hash map authentications. We guarantee a 99.90% uptime. With out RAID backup system in place, you never loose data.